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About Throw Me A Pillow

25fx.jpg ThrowMeAPillow.com is the decorative pillow internet division of Renaissance Custom Upholstery, a family owned and operated business, established in 1979 by David and Elizabeth Youngdahl. Our goal here is to assemble the largest and most diverse selection of quality decorative throw pillows possible on one comprehensive website based upon the criteria of color, texture, fabric, pattern, size and fillings.

We are an important resource because of the value of well placed decorative pillows in your home.

For example, did you know that color popularity in the Home Decor market tracks about six months behind color popularity in women's clothing and fashion?   It does, because when you find a dress that makes you look and feel your best, you want that color in your home too, so that you look and feel your best all of the time!

HOWEVER~  few are likely to redecorate the whole place every six months!

Some well placed throw pillows add the color d'jour to your room at a minimal cost.  This gives you greater flexibility in your home decor.  The subtle but powerful result of the right decorative pillow is a room that instantly feels warmer, and more inviting.

Pillows make great gift ideas TOO!  People hug pillows, throw them and even cry on them.  Try doing that with a Knick-Knack!

That's why we say,
"Knick-Knacks get DUSTY, but Throw Pillows get USED!"     
® 2006 ThrowMeAPillow.com

And also,
"Give a Throw Pillow and be remembered with a smile!"
® 2006 ThrowMeAPillow.com

NOTE:  Throw Pillows are variously called, Accent Pillows, Sofa Pillows, Couch Pillows, Toss Pillows and other names, these are essentially the same thing.  Tapestry Pillow or Silk Pillow, or course specify the textile used in the pillow cover while Feather Pillow, Down Pillow or Poly filled Pillow specifies the stuffing material.


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