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Aubusson Pillows

Find Aubusson pillows as seen on Downton Abbey* online at ThrowMeAPillow.com. A traditional antique hand-woven Aubusson pillow makes a great addition to any home decor. Browse dozens of different 100% wool face French Aubusson pillows today!

    The town of Aubusson in France is long reknown for their intricate flat hand weaving. King Louis XIV in the 1660's liked the work they did so well that he gave them a Royal commission for 20 years to buy all the wall hangings they could weave (about 2,100). Many were destroyed during the French Revolution ("So much for French Politics and French Fashion"). Over the centuries, the word Aubusson has fallen into the public domain and is used for any similar decorative flat woven tapestry. (kind of like 'Denim' blue jeans which are no longer made from fabric woven in 'd'Nimes')

     ThrowMeAPillow's 'Aubusson Pillows' are imported from China which has it's own rich textile related culture. In the past, Importers allowed a three month lead time from order to delivery. With the loss in talented hand weavers, three month lead times have stretched to six months. Importers and retailers are in shock and are 'two stepping' to try to regain a steady flow of these heirloom quality Aubusson pillows. You might just be looking at the last of these. 

     ThrowMeAPillow garner's their collection from 41 workrooms, mills and importers so as to spread the risk of stock shortages over more warehouses and we have increased our local stock by 200%. Browse over 150 wool aubusson woven pillows with confidence at ThrowMeAPillow.com!

 * (sic) Downtown Abbey according to some google searches! ALSO: Some call them Aubusson Needlepoint pillows (which they are not)

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