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Color — Its Impact And Appeal

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Your clothing is where Color Theory intersects with your daily life.  How you feel around a specific color is the most important factor in home decor.

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There is much to be said about Color and it's impact on our daily lives. We almost named this blog, "Color Scheming" because whether we are planning a complete makeover of our home or just contemplating the purchase of a few decorative pillows, we do well to consider the impact of Color. Whether you have a big budget or small, you want to spend our home decor dollar wisely. We generally sense that we can use color to improve our feelings, but how that all works in practice, has remained a mystery, until now!

Unless you are pursuing a profession where the colors you choose become a controlling influence on others, then your questions regarding color are often,

  • "What color should I paint my living room?"
  • "What is a good color for my home decor?"

Here are some better questions

  • "What colors make me look and feel good?"
  • "Which colors should I avoid?"

Believe it or not, these questions are best answered in your own clothes closet! There you will find the practical fruits of your own trial and error with Color Theory. A wise Interior Designer I knew always began her search for a clients best colors in their clothes closet. You can do the same for yourself!

Cash In On The Skeletons In Your Closet

Knowing this one home decorating secret can help you cash-in on what you may have previously thought of as costly errors. Just ask yourself;

Closet organizers

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  • "Which are my favorite garments?"
  • "Which ones bring me the most compliments?"
  • "Which ones seemed nice when I bought them, but never get worn now?"

Practically speaking, your clothes closet is where "Color Theory" intersects with your daily life

Most of our reactions to color are subliminal and we remain unaware of why and how we are affected. As a result, how you feel around a specific color should be the most important factor in buying decisions regarding items for your home remodeling project, just as they would be important for your wardrobe! If you have a particular dress that brings you many compliments, it is most likely the color, and not the cut and style of the dress, which has been successful. Of course that is equally true of a tie or shirt's color for a man. Conversely, if you bought that dress because it was just the right style, but never wear it now, it was probably not the right color! Don't let THAT happen to your Home Decor! Go with colors that are tried and true, for YOU!

The difference between a winner and a loser may be quite subtle. Short of achieving your PhD in Color Theory, the best way to tell if a new item will be useful in the long run, is to drape yourself with it and ask yourself or a friend, what the color does for your skin tones. Try to move near a window or into other lighting within the store. The right color will make your complexion appear smoother and healthier. The wrong color will make your skin appear ill, pale or muddy. It may even add years to your age!

SO-- believe it or not-- your closet is a great place to go to decide which decorative pillows to place in your living room! Those colors which make you look and feel best on the street will work the same magic in your home decor. If you're catching on to the significance of this, you may not be too surprised to learn that the colors popular in Furniture, Home Decor and Accessories, track about six months behind the same colors in the women's clothing market. This is because, once a person finds a color that makes them feel good on the street, they want that same good feeling at home. Don't they?

Proper color selection is the answer and the trends in the marketplace prove that making this connection is what motivates our best buying decisions for home decor!

Tip-- Save a cutting of past winners and use these when selecting other accents for home or attire!

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