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Just Because Someone Noticed He Was Hungry

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Years ago, a young volunteer coworker, we'll call him Brian, said he would sit in the car while we all went for a coffee break... "I'm not hungry anyhow" he said.

It struck me as an impossibility for a young man to not be hungry. I asked myself that question out loud and the workers with me also realized it was strange. I said I suspected he was simply out of money. So I went back to the car and sure enough, Brian confessed, under pressure, that he had not had breakfast, was not taking a coffee break with us and he was uncertain about how he would pay the rent that month. He was a hard worker but it was winter and he was also a landscaper. There wasn't even snow to shovel, and so, he was unexpectedly stuck.

But Brian was not complaining. In fact, his demeanor was so content that the others never suspected a thing.

Needless to say, Brian had a coffee break "on us" that day. I learned later that some friends had dropped off groceries at his appartment and others had even helped with the rent that one month. 

Now, thirty some years later, Brian has returned the favor.

You can read about that and more about ThrowMeAPillow's owner, Elizabeth, and her condition at


The principle at work is from Luke 6:38

Brian has arranged for "a fine measure, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing" to be poured into our bosom... all because someone noticed he was probably hungry, 30 years ago.

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