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Lessons From a Needlepoint Pillow

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Life is a tapestry- Youth sees a pretty picture; while adults see all the work that goes into the face of things

Arthur Schopenhauer opined thus, sometime prior to 1860.  We can be certain of this much, because, he died in September of that year.  Carl Jung said of Schopenhauer, "Here at last is a philosopher who has the courage to see that all is not for the best in the fundaments of the universe".  

Regardless of how fleeting those less serious moments of childhood were for you, there is hardly a better metaphor for the work involved in keeping a pretty face, in view of "the disturbed nature of the fundements of the universe". This much I have gained and can thank my mother for.

The "wrong side" is more complicated but it is also more instructive... so... no matter how rudely ones innocence has been torn away; no matter how early that transition was forced upon a person, there IS the benefit, eventually, of having looked at the work for longer than most and therefore, the hope of an earlier achievement of understanding the mechanisms and work that redeems some goodness and pleasure out of life.

Schopenhauer as somewhat of a Prince?                                     Later as more of a Frog?  older, yes, but wiser!

Work Hard;

and in case you would like to put your feet up... here is a Frog Prince footstool... but best not wait for the real thing!

He will likely want to put HIS feet up!


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