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Privacy Policy

 At ThrowMeAPillow, we consider the transmission of your personal information to us as the granting of a sacred trust. We will never let anyone else have your information unless required by a bona fide legal entity (the courts). To use it, in any way, beyond the scope of this disclosure, would be a violation of that personal trust which you will have given to us.

We think this plain language explanation is the best way to approach this subject.

There is entirely too much advertising, especially bulk dumping of "junk mail" in our street side mail boxes and online. With that in mind, ThrowMeAPillow has no motivation to gather personal information about you when you visit our store, anymore than they would if you visited our brick and mortor store.

You do not have to "register" to shop here, anymore than you would if you came to our brick and mortor shop. You are free to come and go as you please.

Likewise, if you came to our brick & mortor shop, we would notice if you turned right around and left as soon as you stepped inside. If a lot of people did that, we might go to see what had offended them all. Therefore we track the anonymous statistics on where (which page) people enter, where they go inside and from where inside the site, they leave. We only watch the anonymous statistics so that we can do a good self-examination based on cumulative traffic patterns.

Occassionally, we offer the Free Pillow Give-Away to some or all who register, for the express purpose of building up a list of visitors (but we actually do give away the pillows.) We intend to send a quarterly note (never more than 4 times a year) to advise you of any significant updates in our stock. We hope you will welcome this friendly note with maybe a picture or two and perhaps a coupon inviting you to return. If you don't like that, you may "opt out". Please politely send us a blank e-mail with the words "opt out" as the Subject. You will be eliminated from the list. (and from subsequent drawings, no offense meant or taken)

Finally, of course, you go through the cashier, where you actually enter you Credit Card number and everything. (As a shopper, I used to be so nervous at this point that I would just get the 800 number from "contact us" and call in my order, since I trusted that method better than "pushing the button") ACTUALLY the entire "cashier" section takes place on a Secure Server, hosted by PalPal.com. You will notice that our address on your explorer window, becomes, https:// instead of just http://. The "s" means, Secure". Your information is encrypted when it is sent, for your protection. ("SSL" means Secure Socket Layer. Look for the little LOCKED padlock in the bottom right of your explorer window) It's called a "layer" because it ACTUALLY takes place on a separate website "underneath" or "behind" our site. We use PayPal for that service because of their extra security measures. Paypal does not even show US your Credit Card info! (We get just the last four digits, you know, like, xxxx xxxx xxxx 1007). That is why your information is actually more secure encrypted through PayPal's SSL than it is if you call by phone and give anyone your Credit Card number. (We recommend you look for the PayPal logo at other internet stores!)

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