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IF any pillow is sold AT DISCOUNT there is a 20% restocking fee
if returned and the balance may be recouped only as store credit.

Regular Sales; Return Policy money-back-guarantee.gif
In twenty eight years, our parent company, Renaissance Custom Upholstery, has had only three "returns".  As a result of that good experience, we are confident of three things:
1) That you want high quality.
2) That we are capable of delivering high quality.
3) That high quality is our best defense against a high return rate.
Therefore on all regular sales~ we have a 30 day, no quibble, money back, return policy.
Your ONLY expense is the return POSTAGE
If for any reason you are dissattisfied with  regularly purchased item from ThrowMeAPillow.com you may return it within 30 days for store credit or your money back, which ever suits you. period.
As soon as you know that a pillow doesn't suit you, let us know by e-mail or phone that it is coming back, so that we will be prepared to receive it.
(No refunds will be issued if you have failed to notify us of your dissatisfaction within 30 days of receiving the pillow. Please do not ask. To take them at that point would violate that little "do not remove under penalty of law" tag.  The tags are certification that a bedding item is new when shipped and received.  It is a stretch to allow 30 days. We will not go beyond that. Clients must accept responsibility if they are tardy about a return; We cannot.)
When you call or write, 
We will remind you of these 6 important points at that time:
1) Your pillow should be shipped within 30 days of your original delivery date.
2) Please specify whether you prefer a refund of the price for the pillow or would prefer store credit. (as in the event of an "exchange") This helps our bookkeeper.
3) Give us any meaningful explanation as to why the item does not work for you, so that we can fix the problem for others in the future. Any true explanation will do, just so that we learn something from it. (eg. "not the right shade of pink"; "too large"; "too small;  SOMETHING specific) This helps us prevent future problems.
4) Use an inner plastic bag of some sort so that it is as safe coming back as it was being sent out.  (Assuming you received it in a clean, dry  and salable condition, it must be received here in clean, dry  and salable condition also.) You are responsible for protecting it in the meantime.
5) You are responsible for all postage. Do not send anything back "C.O.D."  We will not accept C.O.D's.  It will come back to you.
IF there was some error at our end (like you ordered a 'Cat" pillow but we sent a "Dog")
THEN; We will send you a label for the return postage.
6) Include a clear copy of the information from the original packing slip or invoice. This helps to match your refund or credit with the original transaction.
Send it to:
Liz Youngdahl
336 Westbrook Circle, NW
Cleveland, TN 37312
Within 30 days of receiving your return, as outlined above, we will issue your choice of a store credit or simply credit your original payment implement (ie. put the money back on your card) according to your direction.
Your total satisfaction is THAT important to us at ThrowMeAPillow.com!

Please understand that once a refund leaves OUR account, your credit card company is likely to hold onto those funds for 30 days before placing them back into your account.  This is entirely out of our hands and is a reflection of THEIR terms (not ours). Any discomfort our clients have ever experienced have ultimately been traced to how their credit card company processed the credit.  (IT DOES NOT APPEAR on their Customer Service screens, so the agent will always say that they, "do not "see" a refund".  They don't.  But that does not mean that the money has not left our account. We can not control how and when they credit you for money that they have in their system.  Therefore, as a first line of defense, we recommend patience.
However: In the meantime, if you want or need an image of the refund transaction as it appeared from OUR end, which shows that the money left our account, in a timely fashion, according to our terms above, just let us know and we will dig that image up for you. (that process takes place via email and requires 24 hours)
ALSO; IF YOU PREFER, we can refund by company check.

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