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There are several categories of Throw Rugs, please look at the list along the left side of the page!

At ThrowMeAPillow, we think of a throw rugs as different than carpets which are installed, wall to wall. A throw rug may nearly be as large, and might even go under furniture, as in the case of a dining room rug, but the conceptual difference in the public mind is that rugs will not be fastened in place and carpets will.  It makes very little difference that historically, the words were interchangable.  Public perception trumps fact, which is another way of saying,, "the customer is always right". Technically, some suggest that if it covers more than 40 square feet, then a rug qualifies as a carpet... well... MAYBE... technically. But you will find dining room rug ideas here because our largest are about 10' x 12' (120 square feet).  Because they are not intended to be "installed" by being fastened to the floor, we prefer to call them large dining room rugs. You decide.

Our collection of throw rugs began when needlepoint pillow clients asked us to match some of our decorative pillows with needlepoint floor coverings; Now we have fur rugs that match pillows in our Faux fur pillow line and country style rugs that fit in with country decor; from french country area rugs to Appalachian hooked rugs which harken back a century right here in the United States.  Some of ThrowMeAPillow's decorative throw rugs have a nautical theme and thus serve well as beach house rugs.  Other styles are actually French in origin and will be useful in pulling together a room with french country decor.  Finally, a good number of our rugs have a rustic motif; featuring leaves, animals, trees and so forth, and since they come in several sizes, you can find rustic rug runners for hallways as well as rustic lodge accent rugs for before the hearth or for use as a bathroom rug.

ThrowMeAPillow's cottage style rugs hold this in common; they are all hand made.  We ourselves have found that hard to believe given the tiny stitches required to make them.  Whether hand woven on an Aubussson style loom; hooked from the front on weavers cloth; or chainstitched in the foothills of the Himalayas, all are done BY HAND, one stitch at a time, by craftspersons who find it harder and harder to get their younger generation to do the same, painstaking work. (Full Disclosure: as we write this it occurs to us that this is not so of the Faux Fur rugs... those are strictly machine-made of 100% fine acrylic fiber)

Please support our rug-making craftspeople.  They are earning better-than-ever pay for rarer-than-ever work and thus, their hand made area rugs are instant heirlooms; especially in view of the fact that, as artists and crafters, they are not being replaced.  

Won't you be proud to own and show a hand crafted decorative throw rug from ThrowMeAPillow?  We believe that you will!

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