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Shipping Policy

Standard arrival is 2 to 3 weeks. You will receive an email with a link to track your order, when it ships from our office.
If you have questions, please email us at management@throwmeapillow.com or call (423) 780-9600 (open 23/6 but best time: M - F, 9am - 9pm EST)

IF there is a deadline associated with your order
PLEASE call (423)780-9600 or our toll-free number to ensure special attention.

Although we hold stock at hand for about 70+% of what we sell... there are situations where we have an order that cannot be filled. When that happens, we will call, email and/or text you asap so that you can give us instructions. Every pillow gets personal attention from someone who has been in service to the Interior Design Trade since 1979. (i.e. We check everything obsessively) You will always get the best quality from ThrowMeAPillow and as a result, sometimes extra time is required.

We debit your card when we actually ship. The only exception to this is where an item IS being "drop-shipped" because you are in a hurry. In THAT case, instead of having an importer send the item to us for attention, we have them send it directly to you. SO, if there is a particular rush, then we may debit your card once we feel comfortable that the item you requested in going in motion toward you.

Typically, you will receive a tracking number at that time. OCCASIONALLY we will route a shipment through our office so that we can upgrade, like by adding a custom down and feather insert rather than a standard Polyester fiber insert. THEREFORE there ARE SOME FEW occasions where we debit as the item leaves an importer's warehouse and before it arrives at our shipping office for final touches. This is rare but in the interest on a complete disclosure, we are mentioning it.

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL ANY ORDER THAT BECOMES TOO COMPLICATED and when we do so, you will keep all of your money.

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