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Terms of Service


Copyright licensing on user content
Images on ThrowMeAPillow.com are all privately owned and copyrighted. Some are provided by importers and suppliers.  THose are the sole property of said supplier. Other images are the sole property of ThrowMeAPillow. You may not copy or use nor cause to be copied or used ANY images from ThrowMeAPillow for any commercial purposes. ThrowMeAPillow has and will vigorously defend these rights to images we own. An example one online business liked OUR image better than the image provided by the importer of a particular picture pillow. Rather than go to their supplier and get the standard image there, this other online gift store stole our picture. It was our image of a 50th Anniversary Picture Pillow. Our image had been enhanced by showing my (by then, deceased)parents at their 50th anniversary. As you can imagine, we took action. as a general guideline for online retailers; DO NOT BE LAZY ABOUT IMAGES! Make your own or use the standard images provided by the product's vendor.

Transparency in government and/or law enforcement requests for content removal
None of this has ever happened to us so all I can say is that we comply with all laws and expect you to comply also. We sell pillows and we avoid political or religious products and therefore, we do not anticipate any demand for content removal by any government agency; but if it comes up, We will comply with the law.

Notification of government or third-party requests for personal data
Our products are simple decorative pillows. If the government requires that we provide them some customer(s) personal information then it is required and you will have to take your question up with them. We DO have customers overseas, occasionally including customers from Egypt, Myanmar, Russia, England, Canada, Brazil, Australia and who knows where else. I have listed the ones that surprized us. We have never been asked to provide any personal information. If we ARE REQUIRED to provide information on any client and we are ALSO PERMITTED to inform the client that this has been required about them, from us, by an verified government agency; then we will inform the individual that the information was requested. If we are NOT permitted to inform the individual that the information has been requested, then we will not inform them. We cannot imagine anything like this ever happening over Decorative Pillows, HOWEVER, shortly after our large shipment to Egypt, the government there was overthrown... so... ya never know, right? Perhaps it will go down in history as the great Pillow Rebellion.

Transparency of security practices
All of our secure pages are highlighted by a green Address bar in your browser. All of your transactions are encoded by PAYPAL our credit card processor. We never even see your credit card number (only the last 4 digits) SOME PEOPLE call their order in because they imagine that is safer... we are not certain that it IS safer... we STILL have to run the numbers through PayPal, same as you would... so by calling instead of running the number through the shopping cart in the normal fashion, you expose your information MORE and not LESS. If you make that choice then, WE see it. Once a transaction is entered, we shred your credit card information.  AS a result, if you order again, you will again need to provide that information.

Saved or temporary first and third-party cookies
Visitors can disable cookies themselves by their own browser settings. We try to eliminate any link that require third-party cookies because it turns off the green Address bar in your browser and that makes customers nervous. Us to.

Data tracking policy and opt-out availability
The only data we track is which keywords attract visitors and which items are most often left in abandoned carts. This is anonymous. It compares to looking at traffic patterns in the rug to see what parts of a store are busy. It also compares to finding a cart left in the middle of an aisle of a brick and mortar store after closing and eventually realizing that... "Hey, THAT item gets left behind often, doesn't it? Maybe we have it priced wrong..." We have no personal interest in you and the only BUSINESS interest we have is in providing the highest quality decorative pillows money can buy. Since we do not DO any email marketing, then we have no other ""opt out" policy except to say: Send a blank email with the subject like "Opt Out" or "Remove" and we will delete your account for you. We only use your email address to communicate with you ABOUT YOUR ACTUAL PURCHASE or to ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. SOME CUSTOMERS do not seem to believe this and do not give us their email address... in THAT case, since our shopping cart demands that each client HAVE an email address, we use youname@throwmeapillow.com just to trick the cart into processing your order. THEN we include your receipt in your box with your pillow.  OH... and you CAN choose to buy by check. Just SPECIFY "Pay by Check" as you go through the checkout process. Then mail the check. Our address is there and on our 'Contact-Us" page. This happens about twice a year. We welcome such customers.

Pseudonym allowance
Use any name that will get mailed and that will get your payment processed. We know that we have had famous people as clients. Since we have been in the Interior Design Trade since 1979, we are used to "not telling" who we do business with. That is YOUR business. If you decide to tell people you did business with us, that's your call; pseudonym or not.  If you send a kind comment to us via email (or a negative comment, for that matter, since we will ALWAYS have tried to improve ourselves based on negative freedback and so there is nothing to hide) then we reserve the right to publish that comment with attribution to "Firstname, City" or "Firstname, City, Month/Year" as needed.

If you need this in larger print, please call us, We will email it in large print (Lawyers think online businesses should say and do things like that)

Notification and feedback prior to changes in Terms
These terms are subject to change at any time on a moments notice without prior notification. As a result you have no security except THIS:
We never even HAD terms like this until they were required for an online 'Security Badge'. We just treat people successfully as we always have, since 1979. If there is some difference between what we say in these terms and what we do, it is either the result of an error or because terms and changed and we did not inform anyone. THAT's why we think legal boilerplate like this is ridiculous! Ultimately, these sorts of pages say, "These are our terms but we can change them and you won't know when we do" Go figure.

Availability of previous Terms
If we DO change terms, we will keep a log of the old terms and new terms but really, these are decorative pillows, right?

Notification prior to information transfer in event of merger or acquisition
PLEASE offer us a lot of money to buy us out. If that is about to happen, we will tell EVERYBODY, we promise!

Indemnification or compensation for claims against account or content
Typically in a real jamb, we take the loss. This doesn't happen often (read- almost never) so we think it is the best policy. In the past it used to be called, "The customer is always right." NOW-A DAYS, it it more like, "The customer is always given the run around and put on hold." At ThrowMeAPillow, we answer our phones 90% of the time. Please call with your concerns. The phone numbers you have are the only phone numbers we have personally. You call us on the same line that our personal friends call us.  This is because we consider you as friends, too.

Cancellation or termination of account by user and or service
Our pillows may be returned unused (with those "do not remove under penalty of law" tags intact) within 30 days of arrival at your home. Since there is no "ongoing relationship" besides you buying a pillow from us, there is really nothing to cancel, but as mentioned above, IF YOU WANT TO ELIMINATE YOUR ACCOUNT AND YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION: Send a blank email with the subject like "Opt Out" or "Remove" and we will delete your account for you. We will NOT delete paper copies of purchases made in the past. We LIKE paper and have files full of them. I would say that those copies are probably safe there since they are seldom filed in any predictable array. No one will find them; but if the IRS says we need to prove that we made some sale or some purchase, we will waste hours trying to find any and all papers in order to comply with them.

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