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Tuscan Decor

Genuine Tuscan Decor with decorative rooster pillows showing genuine Tuscan rooster breeds, from Livorno. "Leghorn" Italian breeds make for the best Tuscan Italian decorating accents.

When Italians came to America, in the mid 1800's, they brought their chickens with them.

Since they sailed from the Italian Port of Livorno, on the Ligurian Sea, their chickens became know as Leghorns (pronounced ˈlɛɡ-ərn). This little known fact places these chickens squarely in the Tuscan Region of Italy 150 years ago and earlier.

Outstanding layers, not very meaty; the breed survived in the US and today; most white eggs are produced by Leghorn Chickens typically laying about 280 eggs per year. Their motto?

An egg a day keeps the stewpot away!
Buono giorno!

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