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Upholstery Labor Calculator

Every piece is different. THAT's why I am an upholsterer.

These price calculators are designed so that you can START with a base price and calculate the extras you want or need.

We are experienced with horse hair, tow, moss, cotton, kapok, double cone springs and double pointed neeedles. During the 1970's we gained tuition from upholsterers with 60+ years experience already.

One of them used to say, "d'You know what they used to call an antique like this when I was learning to upholster, like you?"

I was always led along because I hung on their every word... "What did they call them back then?"

"NEW furniture!" was his answer!


He had me when he said, "Antique"

Custom Upholstery prices remained stagnant from the early 1990's, as big box stores began to import upholstered furniture from China.  I have nothing against them making a living... but can you imagine that it is cheaper to make and ship inexpensive furniture from that far away, 
than it is to, "make it right" right here?

At this point, with roots and experience that stem back nearly a century, our prices have still only risen in concert with our own cost of living.  Don't blame me for high prices! Upholsterers don;t have retirement plans and few have health insurance.

If you are detail oriented, here is a good place towork out the projected bench time for reupholstering upholstered furniture.  This does not allow for time spent in "business matters" such as; Phone calls, Estimating, Pick-Up and Delivery, Shop Mantnience and Purchase or Repair of Equipment.


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